When is the TOP for Watergardens at Canberra?
Watergardens at Canberra, Singapore

Living in a luxury residential apartment is unlike anything else, right from the gorgeous skyline views to the innovative features, amenities, and access to the best happenings and restaurants in town, it’s a smart choice. The TOP for Watergardens at Canberra is estimated to be around the fourth quarter of 2025. Condos in this complex are highly sought-after by a lot of potential homeowners, who looking to make one of the biggest investments of their life.

This luxury residential complex offers you a space to get away from the everyday, a sanctuary for your family and children, and the perks of having a range of utilities that is ideal for work or play. Here are some reasons why a lot of people are considering moving to this luxury complex.

  • It offers an innovative Property Design

When it comes to luxury apartments, aesthetics is the main focus and at Watergardens at Canberra, the builders take a lot of time and effort to choose the perfect location, design each apartment both interior and exterior to be modern, classy, welcoming as well as spare no expense in creating a state-of-the-art swimming pool, reception area, gardens, gymnasium and more.

This complex is a short five-minute walk to the new Canberra station as well as offers easy access to other parts of the city and commercial nodes like major roadways, bus stations, and even expressways. They even boast of a fully curated range of amenities that focus on your well-being like a spa zone or even a hydrotherapy pool – each part of this space is custom designed for you, right down to the smallest detail.

  • Luxurious Amenities

When it comes to luxury apartments like Watergardens at Canberra near me, you can always expect top-notch amenities and utilities. This complex is a three-minute walk to the new Canberra Plaza as well as the integrated sports and community hub. You also have proximity to renowned schools, high schools, parks, supermarkets, shipping malls, major hospitals, and polyclinics. Not to forget, high-end restaurants, elite areas, and you can also enjoy a fully equipped game room, yoga, spa, and more to focus on your well-being and entertainment.

This luxury complex is also located close to stunning locations that allow you to take a walk, hike, and explore on your day off. You will be surrounded by lush greenery that is soothing and relaxing.

  • High-tech security

Security is a major factor when it comes to investing in an apartment as you not only want to keep your family safe but also the items you invested in your home. Nowadays, most luxury complexes install security cameras, motion sensors and have well-trained security guards keeping watch at all the entrances as well as the parking lot, this will ensure that your home and family will be safe and secure even when you are working late nights. Along with this, vehicles that pass through are screened to ensure that the residents are safe at all times.

  • It’s easier to manage than a house

Being a homeowner is a great feeling and for some people a major milestone but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities and costs daily. However, when it comes to living in a high-rise building you will only need to pay for maintenance and everything else, from tending to the gardens, replacing your AC units, and upkeep to maintenance is done by the in-house staff and builders present. This means that you can relax on your day off and won’t need to worry about upkeeping the property as your builder will ensure that every minute detail meets the highest standards.

Watergardens at Canberra is also close to the nearest stations, entertainment, and park areas which means that you will be spending less to commute. This luxury complex has a 99-year leasehold, 448 units, 16 blocks, and from one to four bedrooms so that you can decide which one is the ideal home for you. Most complexes even have front office staff to greet guests on arrival, and cleaning staff as well as security to notify you so that you won’t have the hassle of heading down or waiting for them.

  • To Summarize

Since most luxury apartments are available to only a certain number of residents you can be sure that your space will be uncrowded and private. You’ll have plenty of space to part, enjoy the advantage of high-end amenities, a strong community, good security, and a list of other factors you won’t get with a house. Having a small community allows you to be close to them and this, in turn, makes living a breeze, luxury apartments also have shopping areas, kids’ areas, and other recreational spaces as well as are located near quiet areas and this not only makes weekends and celebrations fun but allows you to improve your well-being in the right way.

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